ECDL, the European Computer Driving Licence

ECDL, the European Computer Driving Licence is the world largest IT certification program for basic computer skills for end-users and it is recognized worldwide in over 100 countries (outside Europe as ICDL, International Computer Driving Licence).

The ECDL certificates offer their holders the guarantee of having the necessary basic IT knowledge for assuming an active role in e-Society.

The ECDL program is the product of studies conducted over several years by a group led by CEPIS (European Council of Professional Societies), an organization representing approximately 200,000 IT experts working in various sectors of activity: industrial, training, education or governmental.

Managed by ECDL Foundation Ltd., a global leader of all accredited organizations both in Europe where it is known as ECDL and beyond, where it is known as ICDL, the ECDL program is designed to cover a wide range of skills and knowledge to enable candidates to operate with competence as users in any environment that uses computers. The reputation of the ECDL Foundation is based on its pioneering role in identifying and developing testing programs and methodologies that meet the highest quality standards.

Another success factor of ECDL is that it presents a generic, uniquely accepted program. ECDL is strongly supported by a growing number of governments, corporations and institutions around the world, meeting increasingly diverse requirements for a global qualification that is based on well-defined, measurable and relevant skills. Among those who use the ECDL program are government departments, defense ministries, car manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, financial institutions, schools, universities and many others who have been convinced of ECDL’s effectiveness in certifying real IT skills and are preparing to meet the demands of the future.

ATIC accession to CEPIS allowed Romania to join the ECDL program. ATIC has been awarded the exclusive license and sub license for ECDL in Romania, and ECDL ROMANIA is the one that manages the ECDL license and manages the licensing of testing centers on the territory of Romania.

A key factor behind the success of the ECDL/ICDL certification program has been an emphasis on consistently high quality standards. These standards are not merely aspirational. All organizations that want to get the ECDL accreditation must comply to the ECDL Quality Standards. The ECDL Foundation operates a comprehensive Quality Assurance system made up of its Licensee Audit Program and its Quality Management System.

Accredited testing centers are the core of the ECDL program. If the role of the ECDL Foundation at the international level and ECDL ROMANIA at local level is to ensure compliance with the required standards and thus ensure the quality and credibility of the program, testing centers are the ones that actually carry out the tests and related activities, testing simulation and training.

Organizations that are ECDL Accredited Testing Centers comply with ECDL Quality Standards.

These standards are required to ensure compliance in every ECDL Certified Test Center, no matter where it is in the world. The ECDL license attests not only to the fact that the holder has knowledge of computer use but also to the fact that this knowledge is at an internationally approved level.

Respectarea standardelor ECDL reprezintă o condiţie esenţială pentru valoarea şi credibilitatea programului, de aceea această componentă este foarte strictă. În acelaşi timp, aceste standarde asigură o calitate a serviciilor Centrului de Testare care să conducă la îndeplinirea misiunii ECDL.

Compliance with ECDL standards is a prerequisite for the value and credibility of the program, therefore this component is very strict. At the same time, these standards provide a quality service to the Testing Center that will lead to the accomplishment of the ECDL mission.

Starting with September 1st, 2013, the following types of ECDL certifications are available in Romania:

Details of the ECDL program and the full list of accredited centers are available at