About ATIC

The President’s Message


Our association is not only the oldest IT association in Romania  (it was established in 1991) but it is the only one that represents the interests of both individual and business professionals.

We were in the first line of promoting the field in relation to governmental and legislative bodies, being a co-author of the proposal accepted in 2001 that IT workers benefit from tax exemptions in order to promote this vital area for Romania’s future.

We have been concerned about the impact of our work on society and adopted the ECDL Digital Competence Certification Model, recognized worldwide in more than 160 countries, a successful action in Romania since 2002.

ATIC has a wide international recognition as an active member of CEPIS – the Council of European Professional Associations of Computer Science and WITSA – World Alliance of Information and Services Technology and the IT STAR Regional Organization.

Our association is preoccupied about the history of  IT in Romania and organizes actions to mark the history of computers and telecommunications.

The past obliges us.

A future full of actions in favor of the Romanian IT community can be conceived only together.

I invite you, therefore, to join ATIC.

Prof. dr. Vasile Baltac


The Association for Information Technology and Communications of Romania organizes and promotes the information exchange, collaboration and cooperation between its members, establishing as a fundamental principle the support of science practice in this field, honoring the creativity, respecting the law, in a wide exchange of opinions for the utilization with maximum efficiency and professionalism of the new scientific novelties.

The Association for Information Technology and Communications of Romania deems itself as active part of the Romanian civil society, sensing to participate in the name of its members in the elaboration process as well as the public debate of the strategic orientations, lawmaking initiatives, written and audio-visual communication regarding the development of the IT&C field in Romania.










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